Consignor Agreement


Consignor Agreement

1. Drop-offs are by appointment ONLY! You can make an appointment in person, by phone or online.

2. Limit of 2 regular kitchen trash bag sized bags or regular sized totes per appointment.

3. We accept Spring/Summer items Feb-June. We accept Fall/Winter items Aug-Dec. We only accept toys Sept-November. Furniture and larger items must be approved in advance! We no longer accept prom/wedding gowns.

4. Your items must be in new, like new, or excellent condition. Items can NOT have stains, holes,missing buttons and they have to be smoke and pet hair free!

5. Plan for your drop-off to take up to 30 minutes. (Most cases it will only take around 15 minutes.) We will sort through your items and send back anything that we can not take at that time. For the most efficient drop-off, have any outfits paired up and any pieces that go with toys, etc. secured together.

6. Pricing of your items is at the discretion of Peace Of Mind.

7. Consignor receives 40% of the selling price on clothes, shoes, toys. You will receive 50% on baby equipment, furniture, and any items priced $25 or higher.

8. Clothes & Shoes: Items will be consigned for a total of 90 days. They will be marked down every 30 days. Between 90 and 120 days, items are subject to donation. If you wish to pick your items up before donation, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with the pick up date that we give you. During that time you can come and find/locate your items. Other Items: we will keep these items for 90 days. We may run sales and/or markdowns as we deem necessary to help items sell.

9. Consignors may call, Facebook message, or stop in to check your account balance. You may collect your money or use it as store credit at any time.

10. Peace Of Mind will use care with your items, however are not responsible for any items in case of theft, fire, or damage.

Tips On Being A Successful Consignor:

1. Follow all rules!

2. Do not bring in dirty or stained items. Also make sure that they are smoke and pet hair free! 

3. Name brands and current styles sell quicker.

4. “Like” our store Facebook page and Instagram to keep up with sales and important updates. It also makes it easier to communicate with us.

5. “Like” and Share all of our posts to help more people learn about us. The more people we reach, the faster that your items sell!!!

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